Elthea’s Realm is a magical land where the Isles of Loralee are suspended high above a blue ocean and stars float down from the night sky to bestow an amazing gift.

A band of five companions are saved from certain harm and brought to this land by the Astari, a race that evolved from Earth’s technology. But a deadly terror known as the Bots — creatures who had pursued the friends on Earth — continue to assail them in this new land.

Now the Bots are waging an all-out war on Earth’s computer infrastructure, and winning. And the Bots have taken a special interest in these five friends because of their past participation in a college course called the Utopia Project.

The friends of the Utopia Project and their Astari protectors realize they must devise a plan to stop the Bots before being killed by them first, and before the Earth is left in ruins.